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Advanced Circuits Takes Control of Impedance

Advanced Circuits “Takes Control” of Impedance!

JULY 2010 - Aurora, CO Advanced Circuits has announced new Controlled Impedance capabilities with the installation of a Burkle 6-opening vacuum press, Polar TDR software and test equipment, and a fully automated Strip-Etch-Strip line for precise copper processing.   The move to controlled impedance reflects just one more phase in an aggressive expansion program for Advanced Circuits to increase capabilities and service to customers.  Over the past 5 years Advanced Circuits has invested over $8 million in capital equipment and continues to lead the industry in innovation and number of orders processed daily.

As an introductory offer for Controlled Impedance customers, Advanced Circuits is offering “Best Price Guaranteed” plus Free shipping and is offering some of the fastest turn times in the industry.  “Our goal is to offer new options for controlled impedance customers by supplying not only the best value with every order but also the best turn times and customer excellence in the industry,” says John Yacoub President/CEO

A growing number of PCB customers are incorporating impedance requirements in their fabrication requirements primarily due to the fact that telecommunications and computing equipment are operating today at ever increasing speeds and switching rates.  Because of this some of the laws of physics which could be ignored at lower frequencies now have to be given serious consideration.  In higher speed AC circuits (those with sharp changes in voltage and/or current) the impedance and resulting effects can become very significant.  This can become critical to a design's functionality because of the effects that changes in the impedance along the signal’s path from transmitter to receiver will have on the efficiency of power transfer as well as signal integrity.   While a circuit’s speed is often expressed as the frequency of the wave form: the critical concern is the speed at which the voltage and/or current is required to change.  Two common rules of thumb are that a conductor should be treated as a transmission line if its’ electrical length is greater than 30% of the fastest signal rise time; or if the digital edge speed is less than 1ns or for analog frequencies greater than 300mhz.  Please feel free to consult our expert engineering staff before and during your design process.

About Advanced Circuits

Since 1989, Advanced Circuits has been a leading printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in both prototypes and production boards with the industry’s best on-time shipping record. Unlike other printed circuit board companies, Advanced Circuits combines real-time online service with personalized customer care. Customers can talk to a “live” representative or go online to get quotes, place orders and check status 24 hours a day. In addition, the company offers Free Design for Manufacturability checks at www.FreeDFM.com and free downloads for PCB layout software at www.pcbartist.com.  Expedited turn times are a specialty with Same Day and even Weekend turns available.  For more information, visit http://www.4pcb.com, or call 800-979-4PCB (4722).