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Circuit Design

A complete circuit design is the first step to making a Printed Circuit Board for your project, and is one of the most essential parts for the perfect PCB. A bad circuit design can make your PCBs unusable, and if they are being manufactured at a facility that is hands off, then that can mean both money and time wasted.

The circuit design is is the mapped layout of the board, made up of electronic circuits, comprised of many components including: transistors, diodes, capacitors, resistors, and more. The electronic circuits make connections to allow currents to flow, and produce results, with a success being a functional elctrmic device.

Circuit design involves a lot of steps and processes that can be overwhelming and stressful, luckily Advanced Circuits is here to help you with your circuit designs, and make the entire process easy and flawless.

Circuit Design Software

Before beginning your design, it is important that you have the correct printed circuit design software to design and test your PCBs for any flaws. While some software might not have all the important features to design and test PCBS; Advanced Circuits has the software and tools you need to ensure you have the best PCBs that will function correctly fo your needs.

PCB Artist

Advanced Circuits offers a free software program called PCB Artist. This software provides users with a range of features and benefits, including more than half a million parts and the ability to design PCBs that are up to 28 layers Some software programs can be very limiting, and not have all the adequate features you need to design your PCBs. Plus, this easy to use software can make the process of designing and getting the circuits ready to prototype and manufacture faster. There are also multiple video tutorials and manuals to help you make perfect PCBs.

PCB Artist Includes: 

  • Library of over 500,000 Parts
  • Controlled Autorouter
  • Easy Schematics
Click here to learn more about PCB Artist®,                                              the printed circuit board design software from Advanced Circuits.

Free File Checker

After your circuit designs are complete, Advanced Circuits has a free tool, FreeDFM®, that will check your printed circuit board design files to find any manufacturability issues in your design and identify the ones that we can correct automatically when you place your order.  This helps engineers avoid "On-Hold" periods and will actually save you up to $100 every time you order after using the software.

The software is easy to use. You will have to export files from the program you are using and then load them online to the site. All you need to do is supply an email address where the results will be sent after the file is checked. You will receive a report that will let you know about any issues that were found with the PCB design, and it can provide details about those problems. It will also let you know what problems were fixed by the software.

The online tool only takes a few minutes to review the files submitted and send you a detailed report of all the issues found. 

For more information about FreeDFM, please Click Here.

What Else Can Advanced Circuits Provide For You?

Not only does Advanced Circuits provide software to help with your circuit design. We also offer:

     24 Hour Tech Support 

Our CAM departments is always here to help, with an engineer for 24 hour support. Our CAM Engineers also examine your files to make sure they're correct and error free, saving you time and money. To contact our Tech Support Team Click Here.


When your circuit design is exactly how you want it, we're here to manufacture your PCBs for you. From prototype boards to full custom boards to Mil Grade boards, we have a solution for the PCBs you need manufactured. To learn more about manufacturing services, Click Here.


 On top of manufacturing, we also provide assembly services for PCBs. No need to worry about trying to find a manufacturer, waiting and then finding a company to assemble your boards. With Advanced Circuits manufacturing, and assembly needs, we're here to make your entire process smoother, seamless, and quick. See how we can help you with assembly by Clicking Here.

Get Started Today!

Creating a new circuit board design is always a challenge, but it’s a challenge that can be made easier with the right tools and a solid plan. With the design software discussed on this page, you’ll have the tools you need at your disposal. Next, you need to understand exactly what it is you hope to accomplish with your circuit design. Once you know what you need, you can then move on toward prototyping, testing, and ordering all the PCBs you require for your business.

Understand Your Needs and Goals for the Circuit

Before designing a new circuit, you first need to consider what you’ll need that circuit to accomplish.

  • Will it be a relatively simple design, or will it be more complex?
  • How many things does the circuit need to do and where will it be used?
  • Always take the time to consider how you need your circuit to perform and what you need it to do before you begin designing.

One of the benefits of the software to create your circuit design is the freedom and flexibility that you have. You can test out different designs and theories, and then determine which one should work best for your needs. The software discussed on this page makes the process fast and easy for anyone who has even a passing familiarity with circuit design. Those who have been designing for years will appreciate just how quickly they can design their circuits.

Create and Test Prototypes Before Mass Manufacturing

Once you have tested your circuit design using software and you’ve used the free file checker we offer, you still need to make sure that it works in practice in the real world. Therefore, you’ll want to order some prototypes that you can test in your own facility. This will give you a better idea of how it works when used in the capacity for which it was designed.

You might find that even though your design works in theory when it’s used in your device, it might need to have some tweaks to work properly. Having a prototype, rather than buying 10,000 boards based just on your circuit design, can help ensure you aren’t wasting money. Take the prototype and put it through the wringer, and then go back to the software and make changes to your circuit design. Order another prototype, test it again, and if it’s more in line with what you need, you can move forward with mass manufacturing.

Ordering prototypes doesn’t have to take a long time either. When you choose to get your manufacturing done through Advanced Circuits, you’ll find a fast turnaround time and a large team of professionals ready to help.

Choose a Professional Company for Manufacturing and Assembling the Circuit Boards

You always want to be sure that you’re choosing a high-quality, reputable company to manufacture your printed circuit boards. Advanced Circuits has been in the business for decades and has become one of the best known and most respected companies in this business. We’re the third-largest PCB manufacturer in the United States and we are proud of our reliability and customer service.

Whether you need one, two, or a handful of boards, or you need to order tens of thousands, we can accommodate your needs. We’re not a broker, which means that we have our own facilities where we handle the manufacturing of your circuit boards.

We take your design, make sure it works, and will then create as many PCBs as you need. We work with individuals and businesses of all sizes. As mentioned elsewhere on the page, all orders will receive a free engineering file review before going into fabrication. We want to make sure that you get usable boards.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that we’re going to be there for you today, tomorrow, and years from now. Many PCB companies go out of business or cut corners. We’re financially stable, and we have a reputation to maintain. That means you can rest easy that we aren’t going to close our doors and disappear in a few weeks.

Fast Turnaround Times

When choosing a manufacturer for your circuits, you want to have a fast turnaround time. This is true whether you are ordering a few prototypes that you can test or if you need to have thousands of boards for devices you are building and shipping. Advanced Circuits is known for having some of the fastest times in the business.

When your circuit design uses standard specs, you can receive your boards in a matter of days, including same-day orders. When you use custom specs, you may still be able to get a same-day turnaround, although it could take up to four weeks depending on how many are ordered.

The facilities are operating around the clock and utilize the latest and best PCB manufacturing equipment to ensure your circuit designs are created perfectly for the PCBs you order. For 2-layer PCB orders that are placed before 8:15 AM MST, you can get same-day turnaround time. When you order a 2-layer of multilayer PCB on Friday, Advanced Circuits builds the boards over the weekend, so they can arrive by Monday morning.

When you need speed and reliability for your circuit boards, you can put your trust in Advanced Circuits. You can get in touch to determine how long it will take for your order.

More Reasons to Make Advanced Circuits Your Top Choice

In addition to making circuit design easier with the free software, you’ll find that there are many other reasons to choose us for your needs. We can provide you with around-the-clock support, and we’re ITAR registered and have DOD contracts ready. We’re space and flight approved, and we have 100% U.S.-based manufacturing.

Regardless of the size of your company, if you need help with circuit design and manufacturing, you can put your trust in Advanced Circuits. Download the software to see how easily it works, design your circuits, and get in touch for a quote.