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Advanced Circuits Acquires Circuit Express

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THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 2010. –  AURORA, CO. – Advanced Circuits (ACI) today announced the acquisition of Circuit Express (CEI) based in Tempe, AZ. With this acquisition Advanced Circuits, an industry leader for many years in the commercial PCB arena, moves aggressively into the high-reliability, military/aerospace/defense, high technology marketplace. The acquisition will enable Advanced Circuits and Circuit Express to further focus on their core competencies and immediately begin offering expanded services to their customer bases.

CEI brings to Advanced Circuits a stand-alone facility that specializes in advanced technologies (blind/buried vias, high frequency laminates, .003” line/space, etchback, etc) with a successful track record in supplying PCBs to military, aerospace, and defense customers.

Advanced Circuits continues to experience record growth and is reporting a strong start for 2010 and the addition in January of many new customers to its already significant customer base. By allowing Circuit Express customers access to Advanced Circuits’ higher-volume production capabilities, its innovative online quoting and ordering procedures plus exclusive services FreeDFM and PCB Artist, Circuit Express achieves an immediate opportunity for revenue growth potential…a win/win for both companies.

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About Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits provides a comprehensive printed circuit board fabrication and assembly solution. As the third largest PCB manufacturer in North America, the company is known for its many exclusive services, such as quick turns (including Weekend Wonders and Same Day Turns). Its advanced capabilities allow its customers in high tech aerospace, military (DOD contracts ready), medical, and commercial industries to meet their unique and demanding PCB specifications, that deliver extraordinary precision and powerful performance in critical applications. For more information, visit www.4pcb.com or call 800-979-4PCB (4722).

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