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SMT Solder Paste Stencils

SMT Solder Paste Stencils

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The use of SMT stencils allows the easiest application of solder paste for surface mount device (SMD) connections. Stencils ensure that just the right amount of solder paste is applied so electrical connections are optimal. We invite you to see why Advanced Circuits’ laser cut stainless steel stencils can help you apply the exact amount of solder paste to your printed circuit boards.

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SMT Solder Paste Stencils

All of our SMT Stencils stencils are 100% laser-cut type 304 full-hard stainless steel, ensuring the finest quality finish on the market today. We use a .001" laser beam with 98% overlap creating an extremely smooth hole that provides the best paste release. Most stencil fabricators use a .003" laser leaving mouse bites on the aperture edge. You can choose a prototype stencil, a frameless foil stencil, or a rigid permanently mounted stencil. Both the frameless and framed stencils come in various sizes to accommodate your printer and stencil requirements.

SMT Solderpaste Stencil Types Available:

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a. Prototype (Low-volume manual printing. Ideal for prototypes)
When prototyping dictates fast action with minimal cost, our prototype stencils are the best solution. Prototype Stencils gives you a quality stencil and framework so you can handle assembly from the convenience of your own desk. Click here for more details on how to use prototype Stencils.

b. NEW Prototype Stencil Kit (with leaded or lead/free solderpaste)
Includes Prototype Stencil (10" x 12" and under), one board holder, leaded or lead-free solder paste (must specify), temperature marker, squeegee, ESK-safe gloves and alcohol wipe. 

c. NEW Pick and Place Tool Handy and convenient for low quantity prototype assembly using the Prototype Stencils.  Re-usable, includes vacuum bulb and vacuum clips with diameters of 3/8", 1/4", and 1/8".


d. Framed (Also called "Glue-in" or Mounted Stencils)
Framed stencils are laser-cut stencils designed for high volume screen-printing. With a framed stencil, your stencil is securely mounted to either a cast or extruded aluminum stencil frame a stencil frame using a mesh border, allowing for complete control.

e. Frameless - Foil/Plate Only (for universal frames)
Foil or Plate Only stencils are designed to work within interchangeable plate or "universal" systems. Also referred to as "reusable", these stencils do not need to be permanently glued into a frame.

f. Frameless - Foil/Plate Only (for hand printing)
For times when you need precise control for smaller production runs, our Foil or Plate Only stencils are ideal. These frameless stencils allow you to hand print with precision just the amount you need and can be stored conveniently.

g. Pro-Frame™ Universal Frame with Foil
Our Pro-Frame™ Universal Frame has been a leader in universal frame design. Pro-Frame™ stencils are produced without a frame for use in the ProFrame II ™. They offer convenient shipping and provide money-saving storage - all while still delivering superior quality and performance.