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How to Place a PCB Order

4 Easy Ways To Place Your Printed Circuit Board Order with Advanced Circuits

When it comes to placing an order for printed circuit boards, working with a PCB manufacturer that offers flexible ordering options is key to keeping your project on time and on budget. Advanced Circuits serves customers in many markets, including the aerospace, defense, and medical industries; where quality and a fast and  reliable receipt of PCB orders is paramount.

All new printed circuit board orders begin with a Quote


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Online Order Option (24Hr. Instant Placement)

Convenient 24hr Online Ordering
Log-in to your customer account using your Username and Password.
Recall Quote and click on price & turn time desired, and proceed with order process.

E-Mail Order Option

E-Mail Your Sales Representative
Attach Gerber Files to an e-mail and send to your Sales Representative.  Please be sure to include: Your quote number, quantity needed, turn time desired, previous P.O. number (for part accuracy) and new P.O. details.  To find your AC representative contact information, click on the button below.

FAX Order Option

Fax P.O. To Your Sales Representative 1-888-224-3291
Attach your files to an e-mail and send to your AC Sales Representative.

Phone Order Option

Call Toll Free 1-800-979-4722
Call Toll Free to talk to a "Live" salesperson to place your order details

Please call 1-800-979-4722 if you need assistance placing your order or getting a quote.