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OCTOBER 16, 2017

Advanced Circuits Solder Mask Update

As technology continues to evolve to higher circuit densities with tighter features, we are always looking to new advancements in materials and processes to provide the best quality product possible. Advanced Circuits continues to lead the way in capital investment and working with our suppliers to address these process, quality and material challenges. The combination of our investment in laser direct imaging (LDI) equipment and optimized solder mask (SM) materials will provide the best quality and overall solution to meet the technology demands of today and into the future. On October 23rd Advanced Circuits Colorado will begin converting to the higher performance solder mask that is designed for LDI to define the tight SM features regularly seen in today’s technology.

Please note that should you still require the prior SM it will lead to increased processing time and cost as it will be more of a manual process since the new SM will be installed in the automated application equipment.

We are very grateful for your trust in us and we look forward to continuing to support your future PCB needs.