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We invite you to browse our archive of PCB resources. One of our collections is the Tech Talk for Techies section. These papers provide insights into many different technical topics. Browse this collection and let us know if you want to see additional technical papers on circuit board issues of interest to you.

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Via interconnect holes | Advanced Circuits Via interconnect Holes Vol.1 - August 2012
via in pad conductive fill non conductive fill | Advanced Circuits Via In Pad - Conductive Fill or Non-Conductive Fill? Vol.2 - November 2012
Reliable via in pad design | Advanced Circuits Highly Reliable Via-In-Pad Design Vol.3 - February 2013
 Beyond FR-4: High Performance Materials for Advanced Designs Vol.4
PCB advanced materials | Advanced Circuits Don Carron's Most Recent Advanced Technologies Materials Matrix Vol.5 Part 1 of 2
High performance PCB materials | Advanced Circuits Beyond FR-4: High Performance Materials for Advanced Design Vol.5 Part 2 of 2

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