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PCB Design Layout Software with FREE Live Technical Support and top PCB Layout Capabilities. Features such as "Multi-Page Schematic" and "Netlist Import".

Our printed circuit board software is not only easy to use, it is absolutely the best available! Our customers tell us this over and over again! One of the reasons they love doing business with us is because of our PCB design software. When it comes to designing printed circuit boards, we help you get it done right, and that saves you time and money down the line. 

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You will notice that on this page (in addition to all of these circuit board design tips and tools) we offer tutorials for our software, to make its use even easier and more valuable for you. 

Get started with your PCB design project now. When you’re finished we also offer FreeDFM™, where you can check your files for manufacturability. Using this file check tool can help you avoid CAM holds by detecting issues, such as Gerber file errors. Detecting these errors early on can help you avoid costly time to market delays. We’ll even pay you to use our FreeDFM™ tool – when you place your order using a FreeDFM™ quote.

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Live Tech Support (8:00am - 5:30pm MST) Call 1-800-979-4722 x.1025 or email

PCB Artist™ vs Other CAD Software
Compare PCB Artist™ to the competition for printed circuit board design software


PCB Artist™ Features   Comp. B Comp C. Comp. D Comp. E Comp. F
Unlimited Software Version FREE Free Free Free $1,200.00 $7,000.00
Gerber Format Files FREE 1 No No No    
Integrated Schematics/PCB 2  No No No No No
Symbol/Footprint/Part Creation wizard No No No No No
Component auto renumber in copy & paste No No No No No
Parts list reports in CSV (Excel) No No No No No
Mfg Checks in Design Rule Checking No No No No No
Single-side AutoRouting No No No No Yes
Design Rule Check Error Report No No No No Yes
Design Rule Check Between Selected Items No No No No Yes
Net Completion Report No No No No Yes
Autoplace No No No No Yes
Auto Component Rename No No No Yes Yes
Context sensitive help files (F1 key) No No No Yes Yes
Latest version part reload from database No No No Yes Yes
Individual colored nets in Schematics No No No Yes Yes
Ratsnest Connections Optimized "on the fly" No No No Yes Yes
Relative Coordinates No No No Yes Yes
Component Position Report No No No Yes Yes
Goto: Net / Goto: XY No No No Yes Yes
Design Status Report No No Yes Yes Yes
More than one Grid (Screen & Working) No Yes No No No
Moved Component Tracks Stay Connected No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Split Powerplanes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Goto: Error Yes No No Yes Yes
Parts Library With Manufacturer's Names Yes No No Yes Yes
Forward/Backward Annotation Yes No No Yes Yes
Templates for Fast Start-Up Yes No No Yes Yes
Goto: Component Yes No No Yes Yes
Unroute Nets Command Yes No No Yes Yes
Integrity Check of Schematics/PCB Yes No No Yes Yes
Multiple Documents Open Simultaneously Yes No Yes No No
Tiled display-Cascade, Vertical, Horizontal Yes No Yes No No
AutoRoute Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Design Rule Checking - Full Design Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Multi-level undo/redo Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Library Manager Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Copper Pour Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Simple to use Drag & Drop Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


System Requirements:
PCB Artist™ runs on Windows 7 through Windows 10 operatings systems.  Linux and MAC OS are not currently supported, though users have had success using emulators.  A Pentium processor faster than 1.8Ghz and with at least 512mb of RAM is recommended.  PCB Artist™ does not require particularly 'high-powered' hardware to achieve good performance, a regular off-the-shelf PC is sufficient.  A complete product installation requires at least 1.26GB of hard drive space.  Internet access is recommended.  A wheel mouse is suggested.   
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1 After 1st order for each part number.
2 Single application.