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PCB Assembly Capabilities

Our list of PCB assembly capabilities below allows our printed circuit board customers to have the convenience of a “One Stop Shop” for their PCBs and PCB assembly needs.  Add these capabilities to our Exclusive Services, FREE Printed Circuit Board Design Layout Software, PCB Artist, and our FREE File Check Service,, and Advanced Circuits offers the very best PCB manufacturing and assembly services available all under one roof.

Our customers are the Who's Who of the Medical, Instrumentation, Military/Aerospace/Defense, Semiconductor and Robotics industries. From defibrillators to pacemakers, to heart and vital sign monitors in the medical industry, to weapons systems applications to the array of products in the consumer electronics industry, the fabrication and assembly of high quality, low-cost PCBs is essential to so much of modern life.

Advanced Circuits offers the lowest assembly price, guaranteed!
If you find a lower price, let us beat it.

Here is why our customers choose us for their PCB Fab + Assembly needs:

pcb Assembly turn times | Advanced circuits Turn Times

  • Same day through four week turns
  • Scheduled deliveries

pcb assembly parts | Advanced circuits Parts Procurement

  • Turnkey
  • Kitted/Consigned
  • Partial Turnkey

pcb assembly types | Advanced circuits Assembly Types

  • Surface Mount (SMT)
  • Thru-hole
  • Mixed Technology (SMT & Thru-hole)
  • Single or double sided placement

pcb assembly solder types | Advanced circuits Solder Types

  • Leaded
  • Lead-free/RoHS compliant
  • No-clean process available

pcb assembly other capabilities | Advanced circuits Other Capabilities

  • Repair/Rework services
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Box Build/Electromechanical Assembly
  • Sub-assemblies

pcb assembly volume | Advanced circuits Volume

  • No minimum order quantity
  • Engineering prototypes
  • Low cost first article builds

pcb assembly stencils | Advanced circuits Stencils

  • Laser cut stainless steel
  • Nano-coating available

pcb assembly components | Advanced circuits Component Types
Passive Components

  • As small as 0402 package
  • As small as 0201 with design review

pcb assembly ball grid arrays | Advanced circuits Ball Grid Arrays (BGA)

  • As small as .5mm pitch
  • All BGA placements are x-ray inspected

pcb assembly fine pitch components | Advanced circuits Fine Pitch Components

  • As small as 15 mil pitch

pcb assembly stencil | Advanced circuits Stencil

  • Laser cut stainless steel

These days it's easy to check a PCB manufacturer's ratings. We invite you to review our reputation and we are sure you will find it to be one that is defined by exceptional reliability, quick turnaround and responsive customer service. See our customer testimonials to learn more.

Learn more about PCB prototypes from this article: Printed Circuit Board Prototype Fabrication Considerations.  Order your printed circuit board prototypes from Advanced Circuits today. Get an Instant Quote now!

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