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PCB Customer Testimonials

We truly enjoy being our customers’ go-to resource for printed circuit boards. At Advanced Circuits, we are motivated every day to delight our customers with printed circuit boards that consistently exceed all expectations. From our easy to use and industry-leading PCB design and layout software, PCB Artist to our quick and easy PCB Instant Online Quotes, Advanced Circuits offers the ultimate printed circuit board ordering experience. Our customers trust us to deliver the highest quality PCB's at fair prices, on time or faster. 
We invite you to read the testimonials below that will acquaint you with the range of customer scenarios we encounter every day. Advanced Circuits is proud of our reputation and we will continue to work to deserve our customers’ printed circuit board business.

Customer Testimonials

See What Our Customers Have to Say Advanced Circuits

 Just to let you know! Advanced Circuits does a great job communication with me! "10" in my opinion! Let those at Advanced Circuits that need to know that everyone is doing a great job! This is why Advanced Circuits, "Will Be One of the Best PCB Shops in the Industry"! Again do not forget to tell those at Advanced Circuits how important the last job was to our program. Receiving the last board and then assembled. This early delivery allowed the assembly to be completed and then in testing a week early. Now your fabricating the mating board, the RMA-10 board. So Great Job! I hope Advanced Circuits understand that each time you save our programs. SNL is grateful to have partnered with such a great company."

D.M., Sandia National Laboratories

 As always, thanks so much for your help. Your quick responses are always really helpful, and the excellent customer service at Advanced Circuits is what keeps me coming back."


 I have been using Advanced Circuits for years. I mainly used it in my previous job with Boeing on Maui. One of my coworkers there turned me on to your services. One of the big advantages to us was the free checks before we sent the boards for fab. This is still true as a major benefit. My two boards I just sent for fab had global issues with the soldermask and silk screen. I wouldn't have found the issues without your DFM tool."


 Found AC searching for 'Free Software' and found PCBArtist. Soooooo much better than PCB123."


 I just wanted to thank you and your company for such tremendous service and outstanding quality. I received my first PCBs from you and they looked fantastic! You and your staff were courteous and professional when I had questions, and you even went out of your way to contact me on several occasions to check on my progress before I even purchased the boards. When I received the boards, they looked clean and very well fabricated. I was quite impressed! I have already contacted some of my peers in my business and have showed them the board that you produced for me; they too are impressed and told me that Advanced Circuits will be their new PCB fabricators for future boards. Hopefully, I'll get you guys some business. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and your staff again for 'above-the-bar' service. Take Care, and I will spread the word about your company!"


 I am certain we are not one of your biggest customers. However, we are always made to feel we are. The customer service you provide in unparalleled. You are always ready to help with whatever it is we need. And for this, we thank you.

L.C. Hovland Company

 I've just received my first batch of boards from Advanced Circuits and want to say how pleased I am. The customer service, technical support and finish product delivered by AC are all absolutely first rate."


 What a great service you have. The bells and whistles to your service really set you apart from competitors. Interactive quoting lets me dial in quantities and lead times to get the best bargains and it's great to see your FreeDFM pick up the double vias that Orcad leaves behind. Your site is also a great place to keep up with the latest trends in technology and RoHS requirements. It's about time to see a board house enter the 21st Century."

P.R., NBS Card Technology

 First, thank you for your help. I appreciate the personal touch you seem to try to have with your customers. In today's world of automatic voice messages and automatic tellers it is great to speak with people. Thanks again for your service!"

S.K., Thermo Fisher Scientific

DFM worked great! The files were interpreted correctly on the first try, it even caught my silkscreen error. The .pdf files showing the interpreted results of my Gerber files were excellent, very clear, detailed, as good as any check plots I've every seen."

S. M., Mann Electronic Solutions

 When I provide Gerber files that have been “pre-checked” by your FreeDFM service, I know my clients will not have unwelcome delays getting their boards produced. FreeDFM eliminates those problems that can translate into days lost on the schedule."

R.P., Capital Products Design

 Absolutely unbelievable. Phenomenal. What else can I say? Our 2-day order ships in one day, and the 5-day ships in 2! The boards look excellent. In almost 30 years in this business, I've never seen anything like your service. You just obsoleted the phrase "expedited delivery" - this is more like "instant delivery". Everyone in the PCB business had better look at what Advanced Circuits is doing, or they won't be in business! However, it may not be such a good idea to spoil new customers like this, as we may come to expect the impossible. This is the kind of dramatic change that FedEx did with small package shipping. From the easy-to-use quoting and ordering process, to elimination of the tooling charge, to no sacrifice of quality, and your lightning-fast delivery, I'm actually looking forward to having to fab our next PCB design. Never thought I'd be saying that before I retire! Thanks very much, and wishing you and Advanced Circuits much success…"

P.D., PR Designs Inc.

 Nowadays it is rare to find vendors that provide quality products, exceptional delivery, all at a competitive price. AC possesses all of these attributes along with exceptional customer service."

S.S., Edmunds GAGES

 The CAM guys are awesome on the telephone working out answers to questions we have. All in all, I think you guys are the best!"

B. H., Lord Corp.

 Thank you for getting these boards ahead of time. Thanks to you our allotted assembly time has tripled….and we now have a chance to meet our accelerated deadline."

J.D., Microfabrica

 We have thousands of photonic assemblies with AC boards in them that are used around the world and we have never had one single unit returned because of a PCB failure."

B.H., Displaytech

 I was quite impressed with fab managers even calling me past 9 pm to obtain a clarification on a board issue that arose. This is the first time I've ever been able to straighten out a fast-turn PCB order from the middle of a shopping-mall food court."


 Nothing short of amazing from the first phone call, shipped order, and the follow up t-shirt and popcorn gifts!"

M.P.H., Fitness Associates

 The quality, price, and delivery your organization delivers day in and day out is impeccable."

J.W., PCB Consultant

I've used Advanced Circuits for two projects and the quality is always excellent. Their turnaround time is quick and I'm always impressed with the PCB's when they arrive."


At Bing Consulting Group, we have used Advanced Circuits for 10-11 years, averaging $5K to 10K per year. Out of approx. 100 different boards we have only had 1 order with an error and it was our fault because we didn't use the correct offset for our routing file (BTW, The correct offset is 0. Adv circuits will use whatever offset is needed to match whatever router bit they use). their Barebones and $33 specials always come in handy for first round prototypes if we don't need overnight units."

D.B., Bing Consulting Group

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