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Advanced Circuits Career Opportunities

Advanced Circuits is a market leader with a reputation for delivering results - fast. Our empowering culture allows people to make the most of their skills, rewards risk-taking, and values individuals who are passionate about customer service, all in an environment of the highest ethical standards.

"Can Do Attitude"

Our "can do attitude" is visible in everything we do from delivering same day service to providing instant quotes, always giving customers more than they expect. Problem-solving is key to everything we do. Our competitive nature and desire to win is even evident in our championship company softball, basketball, soccer, and golf teams.

Innovation at the Core

If you love a challenge, aren't afraid of taking risks, and are open to exciting possibilities, Advanced Circuits, a leading PCB manufacturing company, might be the place for you. We thrive on innovation and are always looking for people to bring creativity and vision to our teams.

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1+-WT 2

  • Abilities and responsibilities of Lab/WT 1
  • Competent in running the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Boosting MSA for regenerations
  • Batch Treating
  • Column Regeneration on all three systems
  • Activation of copper eater
  • Setting up for waste pickup (Manifests/ Bill of Lading)
  • Inspection of accumulation area and enforcement of labeling requirements
  • Ability to run Rotocat

1+-WT 3

  • Abilities and responsibilities of Lab/WT 1 and WT 2
  • Ability to file the Quarterly PCR
  • Ability to trouble shoot all three WT systems effectively

+-Lab Tech 4

  • Abilities and responsibilities of Lab/WT 1, Lab Tech 2, and Lab Tech 3.
  • Ability to file the following regulatory forms: Teir II, SARA Title III, Biennial Report, and Form R’s
  • Ability to trouble shoot the Atomic Absorption Unit effectively

+-Network and Systems Administrator

Responsible for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting the company’s multi-user computer system including a LAN/WAN. Installing, administrating the windows servers (Exchange email server, web servers, AV servers, Backup servers, CRM server, etc.). Monitoring system availability, disk utilizations. Administration of data and systems backups. Contacting vendors for software and hardware support and troubleshooting. Responsible for all IT purchases. Administration of the phone system.


  • Proficient in Active Directory
  • DNS and DHCP protocols
  • Group Policy
  • Exchange
  • OS updating, MS Systems Essentials
  • SMTP and Sendmail Protocols
  • Terminal Services
  • Cisco Routers
  • Firewall configuration - Firebox
  • WARP (FatPipe)
  • Data backup methods
  • Mitel VoIP Phone systems Administration
  • Familiar with Enterprise level applications
  • Able to work in a team environment yet be self-directed and proactive
  • High attention to detail

Computer Skills:

Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows 7, XP,2K,Win98. Unix, Linux Red Hat, Office, Visio, network monitoring tools.

Bachelor\'s degree in computer science or related discipline or the equivalent combination of education and experience. The ability to multi-task in high pressure situations. Four years network administration experience. Windows systems administration experience. Linux system administration experience.

+-Assembly - Receiving, Audit

Receive materials for assembly. Audit assembly materials incoming per customer BOM. Create BOM program from audit data.

In depth knowledge of electrical component identification. Basic PC computer skills with emphasis in MS Excel. Ability to work with exponential math functions. Ability to provide customer support at technical level either written or oral.

1+-Lab Tech 2

  • Abilities and responsibilities of Lab Tech/WT 1
  • Competent in running the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Standards prep for the AA unit
  • Hull Cells (Principle and Interpretation)
  • Full Cuposit Line, MultiBond, MaCuPrep G-5 analysis
  • Perform Etch Rates
  • Ability to prepare laboratory reagent

1+-Lab Tech 3

  • Abilities and responsibilities of Lab/WT 1 and Lab Tech 2
  • Nickel/Gold and Auto Plate analysis
  • Be able to update MSDS binders

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