How to Place a PCB Order

Four Easy Ways to Place an Order!

1. All new printed circuit board orders begin with a Quote. Click Here if you need a Quote. (This option takes you to GET INSTANT QUOTE NOW! screen)

2. If you want to place a Reorder, Click Here

3. If you have a Quote and want to place an order for a New Part #, select one of the following options:

#1 WEB

"24 Hour Instant Placement"

A. Log into your customer account at the upper right hand corner of this web page using your Username and Password.

B. Recall Quote, click on price and turntime desired, and proceed with order process.


Attach Gerber Files to email and send to AC salesperson.
Be sure to include:

A. Quote #

B. Qty needed

C. Turntime

D. Previous P.O. #  (to verify part accuracy)

E.  New P.O. details  

Click on State below to get salesperson contact information including email address.

#3 FAX

A. Fax P.O to your AC salesperson 1-888-224-3291

B. Attach files to an e-mail and send to your AC Sales Person


A. Call Toll Free to talk to a "Live" salesperson to place your order details. Call: 1-800-979-4722.

Click Here
for Contact info for the Region Sales team assigned to your Area

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Why Buy Your Printed Circuit Boards From Us?

  • Industry's Best ON-TIME Shipping Record
  • Expedites a specialty...
    even Same Day & Weekend Turns
  • Standard PCB Spec orders shipped on time - or FREE!
  • ISO 9001:2008
    MIL SPEC 55110G
    AS9100C Certified
    ITAR Registered
  • No Tooling NRE charges on Standard Spec orders
  • All order files receive detailed CAM file review
  • 24 hour Tech Support
  • "Live" salesperson for personalized contact
  • INSTANT printed circuit board quotes, orders & status ...pcb board.
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