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Pulsonix PCB Layout Software

A New Era In PCB Layout Software!

A Printed Circuit Board Design & Layout suite of tools developed to meet the changing needs for PCB layout in the 21st Century.

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A PCB Design & layout suite of tools developed to meet the changing needs for Printed Circuit Board layout in the 21st Century.

The first completely new high level combined Schematics Capture & PCB layout product for many years, the exciting software tools have been developed from the ground up by Printed Circuit Board Design industry professionals using the very latest techniques in graphics and data handling.

Pulsonix has been designed based on key criteria:

  1. Easy to use - by way of an intuitive user interface
  2. Designed for the casual user and the professional
  3. Imports design and library data from key EDA products

Easy to learn and logical to use:

  1. Pulsonix has been developed with an easy to understand use interface using Microsoft standards, look and feel.
  2. The menu structure is logical and intuitive moving from the left to right as you progress through your design process. The toolbars and keyboard keys are fully configurable so that all the times you have shortcut keys and tools to hand, making the design process more efficient.

Training needs kept to a minimum:

A key principle in the design of Pulsonix was to create a product where the need for structured user training could be minimized. This has been implemented and you will find that you are productive with Pulsonix in a very short time. Pulsonix is delivered with an informative Users Guide and up to date, context sensitive on-line HTML help.

Designed with the future in mind:

Pulsonix is built on the latest concepts in software design, hence it has many years of development life and expansion ahead.

With the need for constant growth of a product through customer feedback and market demands, Pulsonix is well positioned to grow with any technology or trends that are being developed, and even some that are years ahead!

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