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How to Re-Order

4 Easy Ways to Place a PCB Re-Order

Quick & Easy….No Tooling Charges!

Need to re-order your printed circuit boards from Advanced Circuits? We have four easy ways to do so.  The fastest and most convenient way to re-order your PCBs from us is online by logging into your customer account. Other ways of re-ordering your printed circuit boards are by email, fax, and over the phone by calling your region's Advanced Circuit sales representative.


24 Hour Instant Printed Circuit Board Placement
  1. Log into your customer account using your Username and Password.
  2. Identify the Part number that you wish to Reorder on your"My 4PCB" screen. Select the Rev level & specific order from which you wish to place the Reorder Click on the "Reorder" link associated with that order and complete the reorder process.


Attach Gerber Files to email and send to AC salesperson. Be sure to include:
  1. Quote #
  2. Qty needed
  3. Turntime
  4. P.O. info

Click Here to get salesperson contact information including email address.


  1. Fax P.O to your AC salesperson 1-888-224-3291.
  2. Attach files to an email and send to your Advanced Circuits salesperson.


Call Toll Free to talk to a Live salesperson to place your PCB order details. Call: 1-800-979-4722.

Click Here for Contact Info for the Region Sales Team assigned to your Area