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Circuit Boards

We have come a long way since the early days when circuit boards were made from materials like Bakelite, Masonite, layered cardboard and even thin wooden planks in the 1920's. In today's world, circuit boards are an essential part of our everyday lives, although they are for the most part out-of-sight inside the many electronic products we use every day.

Advanced Circuits has been a pioneer in offering innovative services, resources, and advanced manufacturing capabilities to all industries including some of the most demanding such as the Medical, Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial markets with some of the most rigorous requirements and quality standards.  Manufacturing everything from basic prototypes, to Microwave and RF circuit boards, we strive to provide you with the highest quality products and a range of options to ensure all of your needs are met.

Our circuit board manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Up to 40 Layer Boards
  • Up to 20 oz Copper
  • Multilayer RF Designs
  • Buried Chip Resistors
  • Blind and Buried Vias
  • 0.00275 in Trace/Space
  • Air Pockets Between Layers
  • Via-in-Pad
  • Cavity Boards
  • Stacked Microvias
  • Laser Drilled Microvias (HDI)
  • Laser Direct Imaging (LDI)
  • Down to 0.3mm Pitch
  • Oversized Boards (up to 37 in. x 120 in.)

For a complete list of our circuit board manufacturing capabilities and available circuit board laminate materials, click here.

Quickturn Capabilities for Circuit Board Fabrication

Advanced Ciircuits is your best choice for quickturn circuit board manufacturing with multiple options including same day turns. Whether you're in need of a board right away, or have an extended project on your hands, we understand that each project has a different timeline and offer our customers flexible turn-time options that include:

*2 layer PCBs only. Must place your order by the 8:15am MST cutoff time.  **Multilayer by 12pm MST and 2-layer designs by 3pm. MST

Circuit Board Assembly In-House

As a way to provide the most convenience to our customers, we offer in-house circuit board assembly services created specifically for quickturn, prototyping quantities with turn-times as quick as one day for both PCB fab and assembly. Our in-house circuit board assembly capabilities include Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Thru-hole, and mixed technology (SMT with Thru-hole) for single and double-sided placement. We support Fine Pitch components as small as 15 mil pitch, Passive Components as small as 0201 package, Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) as small as .4mm pitch with X-Ray inspected placements, and more.

Benefits of our circuit board assembly services include:

  • No set-up fees & no stencil charges
  • Latest MYDATA PCB assembly equipment
  • Files receive full CAM review prior to manufacturing
  • PCBs flow seamlessly from fabrication to assembly

Quick links: Assembly capabilities | Assembly Equipment | Assembly FAQs | Assembly Build Requirements

Circuit Board Industry Certifications

Advanced Circuits' three state-of-the-art circuit board manufacturing facilities comply with advanced industry certifications and qualification requirements. The company has become well known as an industry leader in printed circuit board manufacturing due to our commitment to provide the highest standards in quality, performance, and reliability in every circuit board we manufacture. We are also one of the few circuit board manufacturers in the U.S. that is able to produce printed circuit boards for DOD Contracts.

The following are Advanced Circuits' industry qualifications and certifications by facility:

Denver Division

Located at 21101 E. 32nd Pkwy. Aurora, CO 80011
ISO 9001:2015
AS 9100D
IPC 6012 CLASS 2-3

Phoenix Division

Located at 229 S Clark Dr. Tempe, AZ 85281
ISO 9001:2015
AS 9100D
IPC 6012 CLASS 2-3A

Minneapolis Division

Located at 8860 Zachary Lane North Maple Grove, MN 55369
ISO 9001:2015
AS 9100D & AS9104
IPC 6012 CLASS 2-3A

To learn more about Advanced Circuits industry qualifications and certifications, click here or contact your Advanced Circuits sales representative.

Circuit Board Design and File Check

Need some assistance in creating your circuit board or resolving some design issues?  We also offer a couple great tools to help speed up the process.  Download our free software, PCB Artist to simplify your board layout process.  Containing a library of over 500,000 parts this software also features controlled autorouter, mutli-page schematic, and native Eagle import.

If you’ve already designed your PCB be sure to use FreeDFM, our Gerber file check system which helps identify and resolve manufacturability issues.  This tool provides a free graphical report emailed directly to you to help ensure a quick build and keep you on track to meet important deadlines.

Simply upload your files and receive your report in 4 steps:

  • Export the Gerber files from your design software.
  • Upload your Zip folder containing the Gerber files to our FreeDFM™ online tool. 
  • Provide the email address where you would like to receive your results.
  • Within minutes, you will receive an email with your Quote Number, Discount Code, link to view/download a PDF copy of your design, and the detailed report of your FreeDFM™ results.

Help: PCB Artist Tips & Tools | PCB Artist Email | FreeDFM Ph: (800) 979-4722 x.1666