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New Materials Ahead for Printed Circuit Board Production

printed circuit board new materials

When it comes to different materials available to engineers in the electronics industry, silicon has emerged as a clear leader. However, as products get smaller and more powerful, each printed circuit board is being asked to do the same while packing in more value for the cost. An issue arises due to the fact that transistors reach a point where they cannot get smaller to meet design needs due to limitations created by both power consumption and heat dissipation. Researchers at Harvard are tackling these problems by using a quantum material called a correlated oxide, which compares to the best silicon switches available and is able to withstand higher temperatures. As such, this material can be integrated into existing electronic devices and PCB fabrication methods to increase the productivity of high-energy applications.

Getting the Most Value from a Printed Circuit Board

There is a lot that goes into the design of a printed circuit board so that engineers know it will be able to meet the demands of the application once fabrication and assembly are complete. In order to make sure that your PCBs are going to give you the most value, you should connect with an expert at Advanced Circuits about the following:

  • Desired Result
  • Materials Needed
  • PCB Design Software
  • Required Components/Industry Standards or Regulations
  • Turnaround Time/PCB Fabrication and Assembly

This way, your representative will be able to give you tips on new PCB materials, components and other processes that can benefit you when you are ready to order your next batch of circuit boards. Get started with free PCB Artist™ software, submit your design files for a free file check with our FreeDFM™, and place your order today.

Source: http://www.seas.harvard.edu/news/2014/09/for-electronics-beyond-silicon-new-contender-emerges

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