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Are Sound Wearables Next for Printed Circuit Boards?

printed circuit board sound wearables

Over the past couple of years a lot of progress has been made in the field of wearable technology. While new products like watches and health monitors are coming onto the market every few months, not much has been announced in terms of the sound space. However, all that is changing as new research is being done on using printed circuit boards to develop a bionic hearing module. AT&S, Soundchip SA and STMicroelectronics are collaborating on the module that, when installed into a personal audio device, delivers an amazing wearable sound experience controlled at the ear by the wearer, according to PCB007. As the technology continues to get more sophisticated, we may see wearable sound devices replace traditional products in a variety of industries.

Opportunities for Printed Circuit Boards in Wearable Sound Devices

The first thought you might have when hearing the phrase “bionic hearing module” is one of robotics. However, printed circuit boards and various components can take this ultra-crisp technology and deploy it to a number of industries. In addition to hearing aids and telephones, wearable sound can add greater experiences for customers using headphones or wireless radios. Air Force pilots can have clearer communication tools as well when ambient noise is cancelled out easily and effectively. The reason that this particular collaboration is exciting is that it significantly reduces the size of the wearable, making something that is comfortable and efficient. Additionally, it is compatible with most existing in-ear-type personal audio devices. You can learn more about the latest in PCB capabilities and discover new ways to improve your applications by connecting with an expert at Advanced Circuits today.


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