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Batteries and Printed Circuit Boards for Next-Gen Products

 printed circuit board bateries

As a consumer, you know how frustrating it is seeing your computer or phone battery drop and not being able to get through an entire day without your charger. This frustration could be a thing of the past, however, as the technology that goes into batteries, printed circuit boards and energy usage advances. According to a recent report from Navigant Research and as reported by PCB007, new battery chemistries are being developed that could replace lithium ion and open up more applications down the road. Current negative aspects of Li-ion batteries relate to input costs, safety issues and the scarcity of materials needed for production. These open the door for new battery chemistries that can solve these problems and also deliver on the longer battery life that customers are clamoring for. Integrating these new technologies and improving PCB performance will likely lead to faster adoption of next-gen products in the world.

Printed Circuit Board Trends

Knowing trends in the printed circuit board industry allows engineers to get the most out of their applications. From new materials that resist high temperatures to PCBs built to operate complex consumer technology, engineers continue to expand on capabilities and introduce new solutions for businesses every day. PCB experts can give you details and information on emerging trends and new processes so that your next PCB design incorporates all of the components your project needs to be a success. Get in touch with a representative today to see design and ordering tools available to streamline the process and get the PCBs you need.

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