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Is Waterproofing for Printed Circuit Boards Near?

waterproofing printed circuit board pcb

Consumer electronics and professional devices have come a long way since the turn of the century in terms of both hardware capabilities and available features. With better battery life and faster processing, smartphones have quickly become a necessity for nearly everyone. As such, engineers are working on taking the next step in advancing technology by developing true waterproofing capabilities for devices outside of specialty cases that are currently available. While wristwatches and some wearables are able to be submerged to a certain depth and still work properly, phones, cameras and other items running on printed circuit boards traditionally are not.

Apple is researching hydrophobic conformal coatings and silicon seals to join connectors with the PCB and create a waterproof solution for future products. This technology can be a significant step forward for the industry but may also affect which components and materials can be used to achieve the desired functionality. In addition to phones, advanced methods of waterproofing will prove valuable for manufacturing, defense and other applications.

Staying on Top of Trends for Printed Circuit Boards

As you work on perfecting the design for your printed circuit boards consider the new technology available for components and laminates. You do not want to limit your application by trying to deeply cut costs and sacrifice quality. By staying on top of the latest PCB trends your team will be able to take advantage of new developments to take things to the next level. Learn more about what is going on in the PCB industry and how you can get the most value and performance from your circuit boards by contacting an expert at Advanced Circuits today.

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