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Innovation Spotlight: Let’s Make Robots!

making a robot | Advanced Circuits

It’s our pleasure to sponsor student projects and competitions and we offer special student rates on PCBs to help you make your project ideas a reality. Another way that we like to help students realize their aspirations as future engineers is to keep them abreast of awesome resources that can help them expand their knowledge and interests in electronics.

Our latest exploration into electronics innovation resulted in a very cool website discovery. Students can have fun checking out Let’s Make Robots. It is one of the most interesting robotics sites we’ve come across lately because beginners and experienced robot builders alike can learn and share their stories and post photos and videos about their creations. Visit the TopTips section and learn how to add music and sound effects to your robot, or discover what air muscles are.

Of course the Robots section is really popular! That’s the page where members post descriptions and photos about robots they’ve built and projects in progress. You can get some really great ideas from this page!

Read their blogs which are chock full of useful information like hacking robot arms, read about science fair experiences, and see how some old printed circuit boards are being used to make something new: an autonomous spine for a bi-ped robot!

Join their 3D print club — even if you don’t have a 3D printer, you may be able to work with someone who does, who can print out your designs.

You may also enjoy their components reviews section, which can help you, if you are wondering if certain parts and kits will work well in your project.

The forums on this website are pretty active and can provide you with a lot of knowledge on a variety of subjects, like mechanics, programming, CAD and much more. To keep up on everything new, check their Recent section.

As you can see Let’s Make Robots is a site that you can spend hours on, conversing and comparing notes with people who enjoy creating just as much as you do! Learn how to make your first robot by starting here: http://letsmakerobots.com/start

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