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Will Engineers Be Able to Read Robots’ Minds?

printed circuit board PCB robots

Sure, it is easy to build a robot and program it to carry out routine tasks. But what happens when you increase the sophistication of the technology and it is able to make decisions for itself based on its environment? This question is being addressed by engineers at MIT who are working on a system that will allow them to read robots’ minds as a decision is being made. To do this, the team set up an experiment that asked a robot to navigate a course with a moving obstacle – a human pacing back and forth. Normally, the robot evaluates its environment, detects where the object is and charts a path that allows it to move safely around it. In this experiment, engineers used printed circuit boards with motion-capture components and other technology to set up projectors that showed the real-time intentions of the test subject. This technology can help scientists and researchers better understand the “thought processes” of robots to be able to predict how they perform in certain conditions.

Integrating the Right Software with Your Hardware

When you are working on a project you want to be able to create something that can perform as you need it to, especially under pressure. Without the right hardware – printed circuit boards, components and product casing – your robot or other machine will not be able to carry out the functions that you need. To ensure that your hardware and software match up it is important to design your PCBs with your end result in mind. What components are critical for your project to succeed? How can you maximize the space you have on your PCB while also reducing energy consumption and eliminating instances of overheating? To get your questions answered and place your order for the exact PCBs you need for your next project, contact an expert at Advanced Circuits today.

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