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PCBs for Car Computers

printed circuit boards and cars

Even if you are an engineer and know the inner workings inside and out, even your computer at home will fail from time to time. Whether it is from overheating or programming errors computer troubles can cause headaches and significant negative effects, especially when talking about the computer in your car. You may not think too much about the engine control unit (ECU) in your car, but taking a look at this vital piece of equipment will help you understand how the performance and efficiency of printed circuit boards save lives on a daily basis.

The ECU not only controls the engine, it can also be responsible for your brakes, lighting, heating/air conditioning unit and entertainment center. Modern ECUs rely on a microprocessor to process various inputs from your engine and contain both the hardware and software elements needed for your car to run properly.

Designing and Programming Printed Circuit Boards for Cars

In order to maximize the efficiency of a car its ECU must be able to power multiple demanding systems while under pressure. Printed circuit boards in vehicle computers also house the chip needed to run the software for the car, which can be tuned and adjusted as needed to improve fuel efficiency and driving performance. When designing PCBs for this use on a large scale, engineers must consider both layout and construction to ensure that safety and performance standards are met. To learn more about PCB manufacturing and the tools available to you during the design and ordering stages, contact an expert at Advanced Circuits today.

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