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Printed Circuit Boards Assist Emergency Personnel

life saving printed circuit boards

For many, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about printed circuit boards is consumer electronics. Computers, phones, entertainment systems and more have the features and performance we’ve come to expect due to the quality of PCBs housed inside each product. However, emergency responders around the country are beginning to test new products and processes that rely on PCBs to help save lives.

  • Firefighters – Imaging tools allow fire crews to map out the size and location of a fire so that they can plan the best course of action moving forward. Firefighters can also use existing geography and topography to predict when locations are most vulnerable for fires and how they may spread.
  • Police Officers – Technology is being developed that will allow officers involved in shootings and other emergencies to signal for the help they need. For example, PCBs can be placed in gun grips or other equipment that will register when an officer has fired his or her weapon. That can then alert other units nearby or a dispatcher.
  • Paramedics – Mobile technology allows paramedic teams to get information they need to assist crash victims or others that require medical attention during transport to the hospital. These are life-or-death situations that depend on high quality computers, communication systems and medical equipment to save lives.

Quality Assurance for Printed Circuit Boards

Due to the rigorous demands of each individual application, it is important that printed circuit boards be designed and tested to withstand every requirement. Especially when it comes to medical equipment and gear that assists emergency crews, product designers and engineers must ensure that their PCBs will perform as needed. To learn more about the manufacturing and assembly processes of PCBs and how Advanced Circuits tests that all of your boards meet the highest standards, contact a representative today.

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