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HDI PCB Capabilities Matter in Modern Electronics Manufacturing

HDI PCB or High-Density Interconnector Printed Control Boards, are essential for many of today’s higher-end electronics. With finer lines and spaces, higher connection pad density and other refinements, they enhance electrical performance; as they help reduce both the size and … Continue reading

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Quality HDI PCB Fabrication

With many choices for PCB fabrication, how do you know which vendor you can trust for quality HDI PCB manufacturing? Not all printed circuit boards are created equal and HDI PCBs require even more attention, expertise, and high precision equipment … Continue reading

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HDI PCB Capabilities from Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits is the ideal printed circuit board manufacturer for your HDI PCB (High Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Board) requirements.  Since 1989, the company has been known as an industry leader for its quality, precision, and on-time reliability.  With recent … Continue reading

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High Density Interconnected PCBs (HDI)

 What Is Different About HDI PCBs? High Density Interconnected printed circuit boards (HDI PCB) have made technological advancements in electronics possible. They have been referred to under a variety of names: Sequence Build Up (SBU), Microvia Process (MVP), and Build … Continue reading

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