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The Biggest Benefits of Using HDI PCBs

High-Density Interconnector (HDI) printed circuit board connectors are a popular option for a range of different applications. They have increased wiring density for each of the unit areas on the board. These boards will have more interconnections while using less space. Boards that feature between 120 and 160 pins per square inch are considered high density. Although they can fit more into a smaller space, users do not have to worry about negative impacts on the functionality. They have many benefits that you can experience. The more you learn about those benefits, the easier it is to see why they are becoming the top choice.

Smaller Components Mean Smaller Products

Those who are looking for a smaller option for circuit boards will find that HDI PCBs could be an excellent solution. When designing circuit boards that use this technology, it allows for more components to be included in a smaller space. They can be populated on both sides of the board, so they can do more than a standard board that is the same size.

Since the technology allows for smaller circuit boards, but still manages to provide ample space and options, it means smaller end products. Using less space without compromising the quality and features is important to many designers today.

A Range of Applications

Smaller designs that are still powerful and capable are important for many different types of products across industries today. Whether the designer is working on a new smartphone, medical equipment, military tech, or aerospace tech, going smaller is often the goal.

One of the areas where HDI PCBs are making a big impact is in the medical industry. Many types of medical devices need to be small. This includes implants, equipment for the lab and for imaging, and more. Smaller sizes are helpful, whether it is for a pacemaker, a camera used for medical imaging, or another piece of equipment used by medical professionals.

Of course, there are plenty of other industries that are making good use of these smaller boards. The automotive industry, for example, uses these types of boards in many of their vehicles. Because they are smaller, they will take up less space in the car. This means that more technological features could be added to the vehicles while still taking up less space.

Military and aerospace applications are growing, as well. From defense systems to missiles and more, these smaller circuit boards are making a difference. Another one of the reasons that they are used for these applications is their durability. When they are made properly, they have the capability to withstand the rigors of use in extreme environments. This might be space or a battlefield.

Wearable technology will benefit from the use of these boards, too. Since HDI PCBs are smaller and can help to increase battery life, they are popular for a range of different types of wearable tech, such as smartwatches.

More and more industries are likely going to be looking to enjoy all of the benefits that these boards can provide. Those who are trying to determine what sort of boards they should be using will want to seriously consider the HDI PCBs.

Less Power Usage

Another one of the biggest benefits of choosing HDI PCBs is the fact that they use less power. This will naturally lead to longer battery life. When creating any sort of handheld device or equipment that utilizes batteries, the longer the battery life, the better. Most consumers do not want items that need to be recharged constantly. They want a product that has a long battery life, and these high-density interconnector circuit boards can be an ideal solution for this.

Long Lifespan

The HDI PCBs also tend to have longer lives than other boards. One of the reasons for this is the fact that there is reduced degradation because of the heat. These boards have less heat transfer because the heat does not have to travel as far before it can escape the board. These types of boards do not have to deal with as much stress due to thermal expansion, either. The boards tend to be rugged and strong, and they have fewer perforations. They are built to last and can still provide the space that a larger board would provide.

Conductivity Management

With these boards, you can choose to fill the vias with nonconductive or conductive materials. These will help with the transmission between the components on the board. The boards allow for blind vias and via-in-pads components to be placed closer together. This will typically help to improve the functionality of the board. This is because the transmission times will be reduced along with reductions in crossing delays.

The signal strength will be increased, which is another one of the reasons that many people are opting for HDI PCBs today. The blind and buried vias make for a more efficient product, and you can expect better signal integrity. Ultimately, this can allow for better overall products.

A Cost-Effective Option

Another one of the benefits of using HDI PCBs is their cost-effectiveness. They are smaller and often cost the same or less than other boards that would take up more space. These boards are a good solution for those who are looking for a quality option. You will not have to spend more money – or take up more space with boards – to get the functionality you need.

Move Forward with Your Own HDI PCBs

Now that you have a better understanding of HDI PCBs and the types of benefits they can confer, it’s time to consider whether they are right for you. Take the time to learn more about what we can offer at Advanced Circuits. We can provide fast turnaround times for the boards you need. We also have software available which will allow you to create your own boards. Best of all, our high-quality design software is free. If you are looking for the very best in circuit boards, Advanced Circuits can help.


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