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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers Note Latest U.S. Army Tests

printed circuit boards army testRecently, the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) conducted a demonstration of autonomous convoys in partnership with Lockheed Martin. The goal of the demonstration was to show the progress of fully autonomous vehicles of different models navigating various environments. The demo took place at Fort Hood, Texas, and involved the vehicles navigating hazards and obstacles that military units face on a daily basis. For printed circuit board manufacturers the tests come as a sign of the militaries progress in introducing new applications for robotics. Circuit boards designed for these applications will assist in putting new tools into the hands of our soldiers around the world. Therefore it is important to stay ahead of the curve in terms of production quality and certification to allow these expansions in the military.

Success Relies on Printed Circuit Board Software and Hardware

In addition to designing a printed circuit board that is efficient and operates at peak performance under intense conditions, manufacturers of PCBs need to also keep in mind that the application’s software must be incorporated. PCB designs need to ensure the proper spacing and placement of key components that the military will rely on in order to take the technology from the demonstration stage to production. By continually developing new uses for PCBs, the U.S. military and other organizations are paving the way for the next generation of engineers. Take the first step toward the future of PCBs by designing one that will open up the possibilities for your project and getting in contact with an expert at Advanced Circuits.

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