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What the Gerber Update Means for Printed Circuit Boards

Gerber files printed circuit boards

According to an article in Printed Circuit Design & Fab Magazine Online, an updated version of Gerber, with attributes, could be out within the next two weeks. The draft of the update is currently being reviewed before being made available. The group that is the keeper of the standard is working to iron out any kinks in the program and is set to release the update containing attributes related to the image within the Gerber file. Gerber is the leading electronics data transfer format and is used by designers and manufacturers of printed circuit boards in order to place orders to layout PCBs. The new update to Gerber will allow users to see drill holes, component pads and other data that is related to the image itself. However, Gerber will not include netlists, which are already covered by IPC-D-356.

Placing Your Order for Printed Circuit Boards

In order to get a quote and start the ordering process for printed circuit boards at Advanced Circuits, start by sending your Gerber files to an expert. You can also upload your design files to the FreeDFM file checking system that is exclusive to Advanced Circuits in order to check for any potential errors that would place your order in a CAM hold. Once your files are checked and processed, you will receive a quick and detailed quote for your PCB order. Contact a representative with any questions you may have and place your order today.

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