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Printed Circuit Board Helps Make Hand Washing Fun

 hand washing printed circuit board

The most innovative products that strike a chord with consumers and take over the marketplace are the ones that simplify even the most basic and mundane tasks. Designers in France are developing a product that does just that. Mechanical engineering students are working on a system that teaches children how to properly wash their hands while conserving water and protecting the environment. The product utilizes a printed circuit board, motion sensor, sound card and rechargeable battery stored within a 3D printed balloon-like gadget.

Water flows from the faucet into the gadget and enters a pressurized container that generates hydroelectric energy to power the system on its own. When a child waves his or her hands underneath the product, water is released in stages while songs play that teach the child how to wash his or her hands.

Printed Circuit Board Use and Environmental Impact

While it does take resources to produce a printed circuit board, the various products and applications putting PCBs to use help reduce the everyday human impact on the environment. Not only are researchers finding ways to teach kids how to wash their hands properly, they are also cutting down on the amount of water wasted down the drain on a daily basis. By responsibly recycling old electronics and printed circuit boards you can do your part to keep waste out of landfills as well. To learn more about how can make a difference with your next application and to place your PCB order contact an expert at Advanced Circuits today.

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