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Nike Using Printed Circuit Boards in LED Basketball Court

printed circuit boards used led basketball court

When you think of new technology makings its way into the sports landscape, you think of machines that are designed to help athletes get stronger and faster in order to be more successful. However, Nike recently raised the bar when it debuted a new basketball court in China that is made entirely using LEDs. Along with high-performance printed circuit boards and computers, engineers are able to show whatever image, pattern or animation desired. The result is a court that has unparalleled capabilities for player development and fan experience should it ever gain widespread acceptance and use.

Potential Uses for Printed Circuit Boards and LED Court

In Nike’s unveiling of its new LED court a few potential uses are shown that would revolutionize the sport of basketball. Printed circuit boards and computing technology are able to spotlight the position of each player on the court and use automated training programs to test athletes against a computerized defense. Additionally, the court can be potentially used to boost the fan experience at games by allowing people the chance to play in interactive contests. Advertisers can use the court to run promotional spots during breaks in the action, while entertainers can incorporate the LEDs and their capabilities into concerts and shows.

As this technology begins to make its way into new industries, there will be a greater demand for engineers that can design the PCBs needed to run the system and develop a customized solution that is one-of-a-kind. To get started on the design for your next order of PCBs, contact Advanced Circuits to learn more about getting free PCB Artist software today.

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