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A Printed Circuit Board, A Self-Folding Robot and Origami

printed circuit board origami

With robots becoming cheaper to produce, more time and resources are being spent on developing advanced skill sets and features that will benefit society as a whole. A recent article in The New York Times highlighted a self-folding robot made out of a cut sheet of material. Inspired by the art of Origami, once electricity is connected the robot begins to fold itself and carry out programmed tasks. According to the article, this robot is the first that can fold itself and start working without any intervention from the operator. Printed circuit boards located in the middle of the robot house the components that are needed to assemble and power the robot. The self-folding robot is made out of a composite of multiple layers of paper, a printed circuit board, motors, batteries and a microcontroller. In all, the robot costs around $100 to produce.

Applications for a Printed Circuit Board and Self-Folding Robot

Researchers and engineers are excited about the possible applications for self-folding robots in various industries in the future. As the printed circuit board gets more advanced in terms of materials and capabilities we will likely start to see robots that have the same concept in the following ways:

  • Space Exploration – Self-folding robots can assist in future space missions because they take up less space and can be programmed to perform specific tasks automatically.
  • Home Design – Furniture of the future could take the same approach to improve efficiency in transport and assembly. For example, you may be able to buy a flat board, take it home and have it transform into a desk or dining room table without worrying any additional steps on your part.
  • Everyday Interactions – The idea of a futuristic society where messages or items deliver themselves is closer everyday. This technology can make transporting something in an office simpler, for example.

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