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Precision in PCB Assembly

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When working with electronics and such small components during PCB assembly, having the right touch is essential. A simple miscue such as a component not being placed in an exact spot can ruin the entire board and force the process to begin again, which costs precious time and resources. During the fabrication and assembly phases, a lack of precision must be avoided in every way. This is true for both human workers in the assembly house as well as machinery used to aid in the process. Think of all of the variables that can affect the quality of a printed circuit board during assembly:

  • Inserting a PCB into a test fixture while avoiding collisions with other components and physical spaces
  • Using the right amount of pressure so the board does not snap
  • Achieving the correct angle and motion to handle each board properly

While humans have been entrusted with fine-tuning these testing and printed circuit board assembly processes, machines and robots are quickly catching up to assist with the cause. The result will be lower costs and fewer errors for manufacturers down the line.

Get the Printed Circuit Boards You Need Quickly and Efficiently

Advanced Circuits offers quick turn, small quantity PCB assembly services so you can get everything you need under one roof. By taking advantage state-of-the-art equipment, you are able to get the printed circuit boards you need quickly and efficiently. Due to high-precision work completed by our technicians, we are able to offer the services you are looking for when designing and ordering PCBs. Contact a representative today to learn more and get started.

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