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Advanced Circuits Profiled in 2015 Progress Colorado Guide

Denver Post Featuring Advanced Circuits Colorado Progress

The Denver Post’s 2015 edition of Progress Colorado presents a positive picture of the strength and innovation across 16 industries. Aerospace, biosciences, energy, financial services, and technology are just a few of the fields showing vigorous growth in this state.

Advanced Circuits is honored to be profiled in this publication, which highlights our company’s achievements, capabilities, industries served, and approach to customer service. The 2015 issue of this guide offers a feature-length interview with Advanced Circuits’ President and CEO, John Yacoub. We’re pleased to offer several excerpts from that interview:

  • Advanced Circuits reported $90 million in revenue for 2014; and $94-95 million projected revenue for 2015. The company offers leading on-time printed circuit board delivery.

Mr. Yacoub stated: “If you don’t receive your PCBs on time from us, it’s free,” “I don’t remember the last time we shipped anything free.”

  • The company manufactures and assembles all of its PCBs in America, with no outsourcing to China. This protects American jobs and allows for tight quality control.

Mr. Yacoub stated: “We do not outsource any of our printed circuit board manufacturing to China; we keep all of our production here in the USA. When the economy was bad and companies were laying people off to cut costs, we continued to hire. In fact, we’ve never had a layoff in 25 years.”

  • One of the most important points made in the interview was the fact that Advanced Circuits provides the same quality for small or large orders. The company’s broad-based technical expertise allows it to fabricate any size printed circuit board order, for the largest and most diverse customer database in the industry — over 10,000 customers in a wide range of fields, including medical, aerospace, defense and commercial industries.
  • The company offers quick turn PCBs (even weekend turns) as well as assembly services; essentially providing a one-stop printed circuit board fabrication and assembly solution. Its free exclusive services, such as its PCB design for manufacturability service, com, allow customers to receive perfect printed circuit board orders.

“We have helped thousands of students in the last 15 years. Engineering students are our biggest investment for the future. As they move on to their careers, they always opt to use Advanced Circuits as their number one board supplier.”

As one of Colorado’s thriving businesses, Advanced Circuits is proud to provide jobs for U.S. workers and to provide a high quality and reliable source of printed circuit boards to industries around the world.

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