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High Tech High Robotics Unveils Their Latest Robot | Sponsored in part by Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits is proud to sponsor High Tech High Robotics in their latest creation, the DAISY QUICKSTEP, equipped with Advanced Circuits’ top quality precision  printed circuit boards that ensure powerful performance and reliability.


Advanced Circuits Sponsors High Tech High Robotics Team

Image Source: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135884

The team will be competing at the Arizona East Regional, San Diego Regional, and World Championships showcasing the DAISY QUICKSTEP’s capabilities:

– Drive-train Speed: 18.5 ft/sec
– 6WD using AndyMark 4″ Performance Wheels
– 2 stage elevator, ground to max height in less than 2 seconds
– 2 x RS775 powered pincher
– 2 x RS775 powered intake

For more information on High Tech High Robotics and their projects, please visit their website: www.team1538.com

engineering student printed circuit board | Advanced CircuitsWe believe engineering students are our biggest investment for the future, and for the past 15 years Advanced Circuits has built a strong relationship with students by providing them with free printed circuit boards for their senior projects and sponsoring their robotics competitions.  

For Student Sponsorship  & Discount Info, please visit our website at 4pcb.com.

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