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Potential Trends Found at PCB West 2014

printed circuit boards pcb west

The PCB West Conference & Exhibition, a major tradeshow for the printed circuit board design and manufacturing industry, took place in Santa Clara, California, at the beginning of September. PCB West is a great place for manufacturers and designers to come together to share new ideas, show off the latest in product and processes, and collaborate on the future of the industry. In addition, companies flock to PCB West and similar shows in order to see the latest trends in various sectors that rely on electronic and especially circuit board design in order to succeed.

After PCB West 2014, it is clear that demand for flexible circuit board technology is on the rise for end-user products such as wearables. While wearable technology is on the rise, so too is the demand for multilayer PCBs that can display increased productivity and quality while being mindful of budget and product space restrictions. Product designers and engineers can take lessons learned from tradeshows and integrate new processes and products into their methods in order to create unparalleled results.

PCB Forecast for 2014-15

Based on the amount of wearable devices hitting the market this year and already planned, it is safe to say that consumer electronics will rely heavily on PCB manufacturers to deliver circuit boards that are smaller and faster than ever before. Advances in production processes and improved assembly procedures will help to keep costs down in order to allow for investment in higher quality materials for engineers. As always, a balance must be found between including all of the necessary components and wiring on a PCB with heat and performance limitations in order to ensure that the finished product works as planned and is accepted by the consumer or client. Learn more about PCB capabilities, materials and manufacturing by contacting an expert at Advanced Circuits today.

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