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New Smartphone Components Lead to Printed Circuit Board Improvements

 printed circuit boards and smart phones

Every year, new smartphones and portable devices hit the market promising to take customers to the next level in terms of functionality and features. This is most notable for consumers when they hold and use their new devices, but it is the printed circuit board and hardware inside the product that work together to make this happen. New near field communication (NFC) chips and technology are helping device designers make the most of PCB space so that the product as a whole improves. For example, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 4 is expected to deliver boosted NFC performance at high radio frequency. This is done with a chip that is smaller in size yet operates with double the range in reader and card emulation modes. Updates to the devices software are expected to be safe and secure so new features can be added to the NFC chip. Increasing PCB functionality with each new generation of devices will continue to make products smarter and more useful.

Maximizing Printed Circuit Board Power Efficiency

The dilemma for product designers is finding ways to incorporate the latest components while reducing energy consumption and heat production. Tweaking your printed circuit board design to find the perfect solution will allow your team to create PCBs that work as needed in your finished product. Via hole construction, PCB laminate choice and placement of components on your circuit board all play a role in efficiency. To get the PCBs you need for your project, follow these steps:

  • Use PCB design software to perfect your layout
  • Submit your design files for manufacturability checks
  • Correct any DFM errors
  • Complete your order

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