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HDI PCB (High Density Interconnect)

Advanced Circuits offers high tech capabilities for advanced circuit board designs and demanding requirements including high density interconnect or HDI PCB.

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Demand for HDI PCBs

The demand for more advanced circuit boards is growing and HDI is becoming more prevalent in PCB design.  High density interconnect circuit boards are finding their way into many applications such as military communication devises, aerospace, computers, smartphones, medical equipment, and many other applications.

There are many benefits to HDI printed circuit board designs.  Design engineers are leveraging the technology to make circuit boards that are smaller and more capable.  Utilizing blind vias, buried vias, laser drilled Microvias, and advanced materials.

Taking advantage of HDI technology in PCB fabrication will allow closer placement of the components on the board.  This can result in faster signal transmission rates and reduce crossing delays and signal loss.

HDI PCB Design Considerations

  • Cost – HDI technology is more costly compared to traditional circuit boards
  • Materials – More advanced PCB materials are used for HDI PCBs
  • Design – Requires expertise and experience
  • Manufacturing – Not all manufacturers have the necessary capabilities for HDI
  • Finer Lines & Tight Tolerances – Laser direct imaging is preferable

Advanced Circuits’ Expanded Capabilities

Advanced Circuits is your go-to manufacturer for high-tech printed circuit boards.  The company offers a broad range of capabilities, certifications, and quality systems to meet rigorous requirements; From quick-turn PCB prototypes shipped as quickly as Same Day to advanced designs for critical applications, Advanced Circuits can get the job done right the first time.  Contact your Advanced Circuits representative for more information about our PCB manufacturing and prototype assembly services.

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