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Developing Efficient Printed Circuit Boards and Batteries for Vehicles

efficient PCB and batteries for cars

Safe & Reliable Power Sources – The Role of PCB Boards

A lot of focus in recent years has been on developing long-lasting and environmentally friendly power sources for cars, trucks and other vehicles. This includes for electric bicycles and other battery-powered transportation that people rely on every day. In addition to improving safety and adding new features, designers continue to work on reducing the risk of battery failure. While it is a rare occurrence, rechargeable batteries on bicycles and electric carts can overheat and cause fires. Having a power source that is safe and reliable is necessary for all of the vehicle’s components to run properly. Spending time finding a battery and designing an efficient printed circuit board will allow your team to deliver the quality consumers expect.

How Printed Circuit Boards Affect Safety

In vehicles, a number of complex systems must all be able to communicate. If even one system is off, such as the deployment of airbags, there can be catastrophic consequences. Maximizing the capability of printed circuit boards not only ensures these systems work together; it also gives consumers peace of mind when choosing to purchase a new vehicle. As your team works to develop new products and features for vehicles, from electronic bikes to cars that can park themselves, consider ways to increase performance without sacrificing space or the quality of your PCB.

When it comes to electric devices and consumer electronics you are developing start with a PCB that is designed to fulfill the unique needs of the application. Learn more about circuit board design and place your next PCB order by contacting a representative at Advanced Circuits today.

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