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Existing Printed Circuit Boards Lead to Future Success

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Re-Use PCB Modules for Designing New Products

During the research and development process it can be time consuming to start from scratch, especially when working on a tight budget. By taking elements of your existing printed circuit boards and their design, your team will be able to reuse valuable parts and information that will help in the creation of new products. For example, it makes financial sense to reuse PCB modules when possible to not only save money but also speed up the time it takes to prepare a product for the marketplace.

Save Time & Resources When Updating Circuit Boards

Being able to quickly access saved PCB designs that have already been shown to perform as needed also helps cut down on the time and resources needed when updating circuit boards. An effective design in early generations leads to faster and more efficient PCBs down the line.

Design Challenges for Printed Circuit Boards

Of course, designing and reusing printed circuit boards for your applications comes with a set of challenges that must be addressed in order to be successful. Some threats to success include:

  • An Eternal “Arms Race” – With the competition continuing to introduce new products and features, your organization must constantly improve on existing methodologies.
  • Miniaturization – As devices and PCBs get smaller, it can be more difficult to develop circuit board designs that translate easily to future applications.
  • Regulations – Meeting strict quality regulations is a necessity so you can win more contracts and grow the business. Changes to regulations require new approaches to PCB design.

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