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Circuit Board Manufacturing from Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits is the leading printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in quick-turn prototyping and offers advanced PCB manufacturing capabilities with no minimum quantity requirements.

A One-Stop Approach to Circuit Board Fabrication

Advanced Circuits is committed to providing the highest quality in the industry and the most convenient services with outstanding customer support – all under one roof.  From prototype to production quantities and from the simplest boards to the most advanced design requirements.

Below are some of the reasons why engineers, buyers, hobbyists, and students choose Advanced Circuits for all of their circuit board needs and requirements:

Circuit Board Design

Before your circuit board can be manufactured, you will need to create the design and generate your circuit board files for production.  PCB Artist® is Advanced Circuits’ free circuit board design software that is available to everyone at no cost.  The highly-capable tool is made available without paywalls or subscriptions of any kind and its features and functionality rival expensive circuit board design packages on the market.

Circuit Board Design Verification

After you have created your circuit board design and have exported the Gerber files for manufacturing, Advanced Circuits helps you ensure your design is free of manufacturability issues with our free tool, FreeDFM.  FreeDFM™ is a free online tool created to find any features on the customers’ circuit board design that would need to be fixed or modified for successful manufacturing.  This saves the customer time by avoiding holds in production due to design issues and also saves the customer money by providing a discount code for up to $100 off their next circuit board order each time the FreeDFM™ tool is used.

Circuit Board Prototyping

Advanced Circuits has created three special pricing options that are great for 2 and 4 layer quick turn prototypes.  The three options are BareBones™, $33 Each, and $66 Each.

  • BareBones™ is a 2 layer circuit board prototyping option that ships in just one day with no minimum quantity requirements. The BareBones™ circuit boards are shipped without Soldermask or Silkscreen (bare FR4).  This option is great when just a few low-cost circuit boards are needed very quickly.
  • $33 Each is Advanced Circuits 2 layer circuit board special. What makes this offering unique is that the size of the board will not change the price.  A board can be as big as 60 square inches and customers only pay $33 each.  This option ships in just 5 days.
  • $66 Each is Advanced Circuits 4 layer circuit board special. Just like the $33 Each special, the price does not change with the size of the board.  You can get a 4 layer board as big as 30 square inches shipped in just 5 days for $66 Each.

Quickturn Prototype Assembly

Advanced Circuits is the leading PCB manufacturer in North America to offer in-house PCB assembly.  While some circuit board manufacturers may offer PCB assembly services through a third party, Advanced Circuits can actually offer PCB + turnkey assembly as quick as one day.  Customers rely on us for their time-sensitive projects knowing that the work is kept in-house to reduce the chance of shipping delays, communication, and accuracy issues.

Quickturn Capabilities

Rely on the circuit board manufacturer with the industry’s best on-time shipping record for your time-sensitive projects.  Our flexible turn-time options make it easy to meet your project deadlines.

  • Same Day Turns. Manufactured and shipped in less than 24 hours!
  • Weekend Turns. Manufactured through the weekend and shipped for Monday morning delivery!
  • 1 – 4 Day Turns Options
  • 1 – 4 Week Turns Options

Small, Medium, and High-Volume Circuit Board Production Quantities

We make it easy to scale circuit board production from the prototyping stages to high-volume production in-house with flexible turn-times and even offer scheduled shipment options.

For more information about all of our printed circuit board manufacturing services, please contact your Regional Sales Manager.


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