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As experts in the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards, we work to make our blog a helpful resource on PCB topics and the industries that we work with, including automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace and many more. Here you'll find insights into PCB design, tech trends, assembly issues, and trending topics in the general news media as they relate to printed circuit board technology.

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Advanced Circuits Guarantees PCB Quality

Advanced Circuits Guarantees PCB Quality

When your PCBs are manufactured it is essential to you, the end user, that they are made to your exact specifications. At Advanced Circuits, our quality assurance program is multifaceted. This means that you are ensured of getting the highest quality PCBs that are made right the first time. We start by providing the acceptance and rejection criteria for each of the 90-plus processes during fabrication. Your specifications and drawings are included every step of the way. If you do not assign a particular requirement, IPC Class 2 will be the default. Each board also undergoes a full inspection consisting of a C=0 random sampling to determine that the holes and dimensions for each part number are within tolerance.

Ordering Your PCBs from Advanced Circuits

To get started with your PCB order, upload your files to the free DFM file check at Advanced Circuits. You will be able to see any manufacturability issues beforehand so that they can be worked out prior to placing your order. For more information on ordering printed circuit boards or for assistance with designing your PCBs, contact a representative at Advanced Circuits today.

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