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Tab Route PCBs from Advanced Circuits

Tab Route PCBs from Advanced Circuits

Getting the exact printed circuit boards you need for your system takes knowing your exact specifications so everything is made right the first time. A tab route is used to create arrays, often referred to as “route and retain.” First, design your tab route configuration with Advanced Circuits. Then, you can place multiple PCBs with the same or different design in an array or panelized configuration. This helps you meet your assembly requirements that utilize pick and place machines to load components. You can then separate the PCBs by breaking or cutting the tabs.

Advanced Circuits for “Scoring” Options

When removing the tabs of a tab route is not a viable option, you can work with the team at Advanced Circuits for a scoring solution. Scoring refers to a “v” groove that is cut into the top and bottom surface of an array of multiple PCBs or between a board and rails that is to be removed after assembly. However, this results in a less smooth finished board edge. Contact Advanced Circuits today to get started on your custom PCB order.

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