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Advanced Circuits Explains BGA Requirements for PCBs

When using BGAs, any footprints with 0.5 mm or less require microvias because the pad diameter is not large enough to accommodate mechanical drills. In order to do this, however, the routing must change in order to allow for their depth limitation. Microvias will most commonly span a single dielectric thickness. This is due to the fact that the copper plating process takes a considerable length of time and is not meant to holes that go deep into your printed circuit board. Advanced Circuits can assist you with BGAs and other aspects of your PCBs so you get the boards you are after that work exactly as needed.

Learn More about the Technical Side of PCBs from Advanced Circuits

“Tech Talk for Techies” is a periodic publication from Advanced Circuits that delves deeper into the technical side of printed circuit boards. This way, you will be able to learn more about how your PCBs work and get more information on the different options you have during the design process. Contact a representative at Advanced Circuits today for more information.

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