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Advanced Circuits Discusses the Evolution of FR-4

Over the past 40-plus years of PCB manufacturing, e-glass supported FR-4 resin laminates have been the materials of choice in the industry. FR-4 resin laminates have superior dimensional stability and give a reasonably acceptable thermal performance. Advanced Circuits knows that the competitive prices and performance of FR-4 materials allows designers to get the printed circuit boards they need for nearly any application. However as the PCB becomes a more integral part of the signal path and product design, higher performance materials have become necessary. There has been an emergence of these materials in the FR-4 category to meet the demand, which you can talk about with experts to find those that will most help your application succeed.

Learn about FR-4 and High Performance Materials at Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits, a leader in quality and innovation in the printed circuit board industry, can help you get all of the information you are looking for regarding FR-4 and new high performance materials for your PCBs. In this month’s “Tech Talk for Techies,” Advanced Circuits breaks down new materials and how they can take your applications to the next level.

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