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How to Avoid PCB CAM Hold | Advanced Circuits

printed circuit boards avoid CAM hold

When you are in the process of creating Gerber files for your printed circuit board designs, it can sometimes be difficult to accurately reflect what you want manufactured. However, Advanced Circuits has helpful tips to keep in mind that will help you reduce the chance your PCB orders are placed on hold so that you can cut down your turnaround time and get the boards that you need. Some of the most common mistakes that designers make is neglecting to include an aperture list, drill file, drill list or their Gerber files altogether. At times, the design itself may be incomplete or not conform to manufacturing requirements. For example, a PCB design may have an insufficient annular ring or copper trace width/spacing. If your PCB files have any potential issues, Advanced Circuits will notify you so that they can be cleared up before the production stage.

Make the PCB Design Process Easier with Advanced Circuits

When you use the FreeDFM system provided by Advanced Circuits, you will be able to make the design and submission process simpler. The integration allows you to see any potential DFM issues so that they can be correct and resubmitted using the same interface. That way your design, submission and manufacturing processes are all completed with one expert company so that you know your printed circuit boards will turn out just as you need them. For more information on how to best go about designing and ordering your printed circuit boards, contact a representative today.

Need more information on designing printed circuit boards? Take a look at EDN Network’s article, Common PCB design mistakes. It discusses planning ahead, prototype testing, layout techniques and more. You can also view this piece on, Top 7 PCB Design Mistakes. This article, and the one on EDN, both remind everyone to back up their work!

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