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Printed Circuit Board and Tech Trends for 2015

printed circuit board trends for 2015
The end of 2014 is upon us and organizations are getting ready to unveil their product lines for the next year. Consumers are anxiously waiting to see the new technology that will debut and how companies are improving upon their existing offerings in order to create something different. What can be expected of a printed circuit board, and what do engineers need to focus on as we prepare to lift the curtain on 2015? Some exciting trends to watch in the industry include:
Portable Devices with Extended Capabilities – Tablets and smartphones will continue to earn market share due to their ability to replace household items that consumers use. Look for new tablets on the market to be sold as personal televisions that people can take anywhere. With more storage space and faster processing and components, tablets truly help people cut the cord and do what they want when they want.
Even Smaller Applications for PCBs – Not only will devices get smarter can deliver more content for consumers, organizations that rely on electronic equipment will see a size reduction without a loss of quality. Medical offices, manufacturing plants and research labs will all benefit from smaller machines that work to improve productivity and accuracy.
PCBs Get More Complex – As devices get smaller and faster, their PCBs must adapt. Engineers and circuit board manufacturers will develop new ways to effectively design and produce PCBs that power more components and work as needed in high-stress environments.

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