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Printed Circuit Boards in Emergency Scenarios

printed circuit boards emergency
In addition to developing the latest and greatest tech products for both consumer and business use, engineers continue to work on new ways to assist with emergency response and safety applications. Printed circuit boards are not only helping first responders locate people during an emergency, they are also helping those affected by natural disasters have as much assistance as possible in the immediate aftermath. A new type of consumer light bulb, which debuted at CES last year in Las Vegas, uses PCBs to harness energy in order to power itself for up to four hours after the power goes out.
This is useful technology in and of itself for everyday users around the world, but it especially comes in handy for those in areas stricken by earthquakes, tornadoes and floods. The technology is made possible by LEDs because their thinness allows for room for the PCB, battery and components located inside the bulb.
Reinventing Everyday Products with Printed Circuit Boards

The light bulb that can be used even when the power is off seems like a no-brainer, but it is the result of looking at the world around us and reimagining how products can work in the future. Constant reinvention of everyday products allows engineers to think of new ways and features to incorporate that take these to the next level. It all starts with the printed circuit boards that a product is built on. Without the PCB the components wouldn’t be able to operate. Take a look at the newest PCB capabilities and discover how you can reinvigorate your board design by contacting an expert at Advanced Circuits today.

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