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PCB Design & Manufacturing for Military Applications – Advanced Circuits

printed circuit boards for military defenseRecently, the US Department of State and the Department of Commerce announced changes to regulations for United States export on certain military electronics. The changes help shift less sensitive components, equipment and parts from Category XI of the US Munitions List to the Department of Commerce’s Commerce Control List. As a result, purchasers are less incentivized to avoid parts and components that are made in the United States. Manufacturers of printed circuit boards that are certified to provide materials for military applications may soon find greater opportunities for business. The changes to the regulations are expected to allow the United States to have greater visibility in the marketplace and boost the competitiveness of the technology and manufacturing industries. These changes are set to go into effect on December 30, 2014.

Printed circuit board innovations in the military and aerospace industries continue at a rapid pace. Thin glass is being examined as an alternative to epoxy resin and other materials for use in the high temperature applications. Laser drilling along with thin glass material could provide PCB manufacturers a new way to manufacture boards with properties that are desirable for aerospace applications:  low thermal expansion and high chemical stability. Read the press release Electronic Circuit Board Based on Thin Glass: Improved Functionality for Aerospace Technology to find out more.

Certifications for Manufacturers of Printed Circuit Boards

Makers of printed circuit boards continue to refine their manufacturing and assembly processes in order to meet the strictest requirements of the industry. Since the military electronics sector relies on the highest quality of PCBs in order to support defense measures it is critical that PCB companies hold and renew certifications. This way, defense contractors will know that the circuit boards ordered will perform as needed under high-pressure circumstances. In addition to being certified for defense applications, PCB manufacturers obtain certifications for using certain materials in production. Product designers and engineers may also need to order PCBs that meet specific industry standards for compliance reasons. Contact an expert at Advanced Circuits today to learn more about PCB certification.

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