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PCB Update: Patent Granted for New Computer Mouse

new patent for mouse printed circuit board

According to an article by Electronics Weekly a patent has been granted to James and Stephen Bowden, a pair of inventors in the UK that have designed a computer mouse to help those suffering from repetitive strain injury (RSI). RSI can develop due to the alignment of the hand, wrist and arm of a person using a traditional mouse because the muscles used are not suited for the fine motor movements required. Instead of risking injury this way the Bowdens have come up with a new, vertical design that better aligns a users hand and takes the pressure off of these muscles. The mouse has a planar base with an optical sensor for movement. Additionally its PCB is housed within the shell, which features room for someone to grip it between the thumb and fingers and utilize the standard mouse buttons in an easier way.

Devices Making Most of PCB Power to Bring Change

It is innovation like this that helps our society take the next steps forward. Even with a simple, straightforward design product makers are able to bring change to the market and improve the quality of life for consumers and patients. Harnessing the power of your PCB by ensuring that it meets the rigorous demands of your application will help your team realize the full potential of the device or project you are working on. Learn more about ways to maximize the quality of your PCB and begin designing your next prototype by contacting an expert at Advanced Circuits today.

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