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PCB Design & Manufacturing – High Frequency Materials | Advanced Circuits

printed circuit boards high frequency materials

When you are designing printed circuit boards for your application, it is important to use materials that are going to give you the performance you need to make it a success. If you need something specifically for a high frequency, microwave or RF application, you will need to work with a manufacturer to get the laminates that will keep everything on track. These laminates often require different types of b-stage/prepreg or bonding sheets to laminate them for multilayer PCB designs. The most commonly used is the Rogers RO4000 series. Talk with an expert at Advanced Circuits to learn about the materials that are best for your PCBs.

Find out more about how to select the right PCB materials for high frequency applications by reading EDN Network’s article, Selecting PCB materials for high-frequency applications. It discusses price and performance trade-offs and other factors that need consideration, depending on your application.

Advanced Circuits Makes it Easy to Design PCBs

PCB Artist software, available for free from Advanced Circuits, now has the industry’s largest component library. This will help you design your PCBs with as much detail as you need in order to get the result that will be perfect. For more information on the free software, as well as information on how to submit your design to be manufactured, contact a representative at Advanced Circuits today.

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