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FR-4 and the Need for Printed Circuit Boards to Evolve

Over the last four decades, e-glass supported FR-4 laminates have been the material of choice in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. As the needs of the electronics and engineering fields evolve and require next-generation materials for products and other applications, the capabilities of the PCB industry must also advance. The circuit board has become an integral part of the signal path with controlled impedance and specific transmission line performance specifications, which are essential for the product design. Luckily, high-performance materials in the FR-4 category have emerged. In addition to developing materials and laminates that will perform at a higher level and temperature, PCB designers and manufacturers will need to create circuit boards that are laid out in a way that helps reduce heat and friction so the PCB can thrive under pressure. With new advances in high frequency and RF materials and even more on the horizon, it will be no surprise when new products appear that can do more than we ever thought possible.

Design Printed Circuit Boards with the Future in Mind

When you are designing your printed circuit boards it is important to take all of your application’s needs into account. In addition to any space limitation you may have, you want to make sure that you have enough power for your components so that you do not sacrifice quality. Take a look at the different finishing and laminate options available for your PCBs as well. This will help ensure that you get the high quality board you need. To get started and place an order, contact an expert at Advanced Circuits today.

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